TYPO3 Car Template Version 2 - Demo

This TYPO3 Template based on IBS Developer Package ibstv. The CSS use the Framework YAML.
In contrast to the TYPO3 template car, which consists of a graphic-design, it was built in version 2 of the design on pure CSS.


Please understand that we can not offer free support for the TYPO3 developers template.
Documentation: online manual [expanded continuously]
Bug-Tracker : http://bugs.ibs-webdev.com

What are Microformats

Microformats enable the publishing of information on the Internet and provides quick and easy ways to support feeds and APIs for your web site. Detailed descriptions of what microformats are.


The TYPO3 developer template from IBS, short <IBSTV>, designed to implement TYPO3 websites for fast and easy.


  • Search engine optimized Source code
  • HTML5 Support
  • CSS3 Support
  • W3C valid
  • Cross-Browser compatible
  • Flexible Content Elements (FCE’s)
  • YAML CSS Framework version 4


  • TemplaVoilà - alternative template engine
  • RealUrl - beautiful URL
  • Fl_seo_sitemap - Sitemap with description
  • tt_news - news system
  • rzcolorbox - content effect
  • bt_simplecontact - simple contact form with captcha
  • static_info_tables - provide basic information for language and locale
  • t3jquery - jquery framework

Download Note

The use of the templates at your own risk. This product has been tested before online delivery function and virus-free. They do not contain Trojans or malware.

IBS does not assume any liability for damages of any kind that you could use this template may arise. First of all develop for damage to the active sites by an accidental overwrite of data.

The users of the products are solely responsible for the installation and operation.